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Skin Problems?


So you say…. Jamaar I’m always having skin problems with my face. There’s always a reason I’m breaking out because I always see a jump in acne, pimples, or whatever out of nowhere at times.

Yes this happens to the best of us but as people we need to know what causes these things, why our face can break out so quickly because sometimes it’s what you YOURSELF has caused!

Did You Know?

Acne, also known as acne vulgaris, is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. It is characterized by blackheads or whiteheads, pimples, oily skin, and possible scarring.

It primarily affects areas of the skin with a relatively high number of oil glands, including the face, upper part of the chest, and back. The resulting appearance can lead to anxiety, reduced self-esteem and, in extreme cases, depression or thoughts of suicide. Seriously pretty deep right? Now my acne has been so bad at times I’ve almost felt all these emotions.

Depression, anxiety, reduced, self-esteem! Its not fun! That’s why I put my all into this website. Only the best of the best! I only help people who are ready to learn and actually trust in my facial help needs. I will always be honest with you guys and try my best to keep your face clear! So enough talking why am I having Skin problems with my face!!??

What’s Affecting Me?

Stress.. Did you know due to built up stress can truly affect your face?

Stress triggers acne and acne results in more stress, so it’s a very bad cycle. When under pressure your skin produces stress hormones, including cortisol, those can stimulate your oil glands to make testosterone that then increases oil production and clogs pores!! So yes less stress!

Work out, Meditate, Take time from your busy schedule, Go have a drink every once in a while. Yes this is Mens Facial Help but stress affects your more than just your face. It can affect your lifespan your attitude around others and again your appearance!! Please don’t stress yourself out guys I know we go through a lot in life so it’s hard just to tell someone not to worry about something, but it’s definitely unhealthy and we should all want to live long healthy clear faced lives!

You Wash Clothes To Much??

I Know your thinking HUHHHH???? Now even washing my clothes can be a reason I’m having face problems? NO!

This isn’t how it works exactly. There can actually be chemicals in the laundry detergent your using that can be to harsh for your skin. When you slip on your clothes or lie on your pillow your skin can actually react to the residue that’s left on the fabric leaving in breakouts in your face arms back butt chest etc. This is a tough one because some people don’t even know they are breaking out due to chemicals in detergent. So it’s unique but still happens, it sucks a little more because if your detergent is all wrong it can cause more than just your face to breakout.

Were here to help with facial needs and will eventually be producing more content about full body acne. But for now we wouldn’t want even more than just your face breaking out because again were here to help upkeep your self esteem and confidence. So!!!!! If you realize your body is breaking out or you’ve tried everything on this site and nothing has worked this could be the only reason. Yes I’m that confident in us, because all services here are guaranteed to make you see a difference LOL!

So you could choose a detergent that’s fragrance and dye free and dermatologist tested for sensitive skin. There’s lots on the market! I wear lots of hats and have an acne filled face could that be contributing to my breakouts?

New Hats Who Dis? 🙂


Nice so you have yourself some new hats from your local Lids but wonder after about a few weeks of wear, your face has gathered a few friends. This is also a unique way to attain pimples let me explain why.

Hats trap sweat and bacteria against your skin and clog your pores. The lining of a tight hat can cause zits to come rather quickly. Anything you do can bring bacteria to your face hats, touching your face, wearing a bandanna. All these things can cause more sudden breakouts it’s sorta common sense don’t touch your face with dirty hands or at all is even better.

Try this if you have bad acne and nothing has seemed to clear it up stay away from hats for a while and don’t touch your face to see if things get better remember I’m always here for you guys!

Where To Go From Here?

I have lots of post here to help you with all facial needs that would be needed. If you struggle with acne please take a look around here.

I promise when you leave you can find a few solutions for your problems and they will get better with time and consistency. Yes your hats, clothes, and stress, could be the reason you can’t seem to get your acne under control but if you’re reading this don’t worry because I was in your spot some years ago. Now that your here you won’t have to worry anymore you can contact me and I can help guide you where to start. Depending on how bad your acne, is what kind of tools you have now in your necessity, and your lifestyle or whatever it may be.

Remember I’m hear for you guys and I don’t do it for anything else but to help pour souls like you or your friends that struggle with acne.

I was lost and couldn’t crack the code for years. I feel it’s only right to help people with my secrets and their facial help needs, I do this for you guys. Thanks so much you guys seriously!! You guys are the MVP’s I’ve been getting questions, emails, asking for help lately and I open every email with a smile! Give these tricks a chance see what works what doesn’t and let me know! God bless!! Have a good one guys!!!

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