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Paula’s Choice Review – Top Oil Producing Cleanser

Product : Oil Reducing Cleanser

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Rating : 5 out of 5

Guarantee : 30 days

Oily Skin? I Know The Pain

I haven’t always had oily skin. My skin is more on the dry side than oily if anything.

That doesn’t mean I don’t know the struggle of oily skin or haven’t had experiences with oily skin before!

Let me say its terrible.

If you read this and your skin is oily I hope you are paying close attention.

I always have a burning desire to help everyone so if your read this and it applies, don’t skip through this so I can sleep at night!

I need to know that I have helped everyone I possibly could with every post that applies!

Slight exaggeration but that’s what keeps you all here and continuing to read right? 🙂

I know the feeling!

Going outside and taking a look at a mirror and realizing your face looks like a glazed donut is not fun at all.

Especially if your in public and you realize it you get very self-conscious, and If people are around…..

You might try to sneak and fix your issue with your face without looking so obvious so you don’t feel embarrassed.

Maybe that’s just me?

I doubt it!

I know the struggles of not being able to get rid of a super oily face.

So today I brought a product that all my oily faced clients are loving and having lots of success with.

What’s this product that can save my embarrassment? Let’s dive in!

What’s Paula’s Choice Oil Reducing Cleanser?

Paula’s Choice Oil Reducing Cleanser is a product that does exactly what it says.

Reduces the amount of oil your face produces.

This product is for my people who have very oily skin and no matter what they have tried cant seem to get their face less oily.

Were gonna fix that today, in Jesus name you will NOT have oily skin this year after you continue to use this product!

I believe in praying for the things we really want.

What exactly does it do?

This unique concentrated cream face wash works quickly to remove makeup & excess oil.

Clears pores to reduce visibility of enlarged & clogged pores while delivering moisture to soothe dryness & calm oil production.

It also removes blackheads and any impurities giving your skin a nice balance. This stuff is killer!!

My clients have loved the results so far, it truly cleans your skin while getting rid of excessive oils without leaving your skin feeling dry or tight.

Its amazing!

It backs its own power of the product up by being an amazon top choice product.

As those products are hand selected by amazon for being a life changer for many people who use their service!

So blessed and anxious to hear the new testimonials from this product, as it does get the job done in making your face better than before while making your face less oily.

Lots of people have asked, why is my face getting so oily in the first place?

What is causing my skin to get like that and what steps can I take to better my face?

Let’s see what’s going on with your face…

Why Is My Face So Oily?

Your face can be very oily due to a number of reasons.

First, most of the people I know with very oily skin and lots of my clients I talk to about their oily skin is usually caused by genetics.

Maybe your dad or mom had or has very oily skin and has had it all their life.

Hormones can increase oil that’s produces on your face because of increased androgen levels.

Androgens are male hormones that are the skin’s sebaceous glands and this is where oil production increases.

The more androgens, the more sebum present in your pores which will sit on your face creating a shiny oily look.

Its very important to use products like today because people with more oily skin are typically more prone to blackheads acne and blemishes due to the excess oil being produced.

How can you cut down your shiny face so you aren’t more prone to acne and blemishes etc?

Using a product like today…..

For my people with oily skin this will cut down how much excessive oil is being produced and keep your face tight and loose.

Its important to wash with a cleanser consistently so all dead skin cells are removed and that will cut down your oil production.

Also don’t NOT use a moisturizer because your skin is oily. I referred lots of my clients to the moisturizer that Paula’s Choice line recommends.

It works perfectly with this product and you NEED a good moisturizer even for people with oily skin, because avoiding it can dry out the skin and cause more oil to be produced!

In closing, If any of this sounds like you I am so glad and proud that you will no longer have to stress about how oily your skin is.

You know what products to use, what is causing your skin to get oily, and what not to do!

Always wash your face with a great cleanser. LIKE THIS PRODUCT YOU CAN SEE BY CLICKING HERE. Your oily skin will be gone in NO TIME!!

Just a little extra tip, keep your stress levels down and always get a good nights sleep!

Use this wash and a good moisturizer and you won’t have to deal with the self-conscious feelings anymore! Those thoughts used to haunt me daily so trust me I know how you feel and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody!

Thanks to everyone for rocking with us and reaching out with their success.

Can’t wait to hear about the new-found success with this product as its already been big success stories from my clients regarding this product!

Talk soon please contact me if any questions below, I am always here to help you. Thanks again have a good one!

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