Men Face Care – How’s It Different From Woman’s Face Care?

What’s The Deal?

Is there a difference in using a skin care product for men than one that’s designated for women? Can I use a woman’s skin care product or is a men’s product better for me overall?

Lots of these questions have been being asked lately because men are wondering if out with there lady on vacation and maybe they forgot there main cleanser! Vice versa for women. This is very understandable and a regularly talked about topic. Let’s talk about Men Face Care, how is it different from women’s face care?

Men’s Skin Vs Womens Skin

Men usually have thicker skin than women’s.
  • Men’s skin is usually 30 – 40% thicker than women’s
  • Men have more hair follicles on face
  • Men also produce more oil than women

Lots of these differences are also hormonal and genetic so that definitely affects how men skin is stronger and how much more resilient but this is the average stats for males skin in a difference from a woman. These differences make men’s skin less sensitive and able to take stronger ingredients.

Sadly it makes us men more acne prone though so we don’t need heavy cream based type products. Different factors like shaving, being higher at risk for skin cancer make skin repairing ingredients a neccesity for men. Like one of the best products you can check out by clicking here. In reality is it OK to use a woman’s product if your a male? Yes in reality it’s OK. The difference isn’t usually male or female designed moisturizers, rather it’s the ingredients found in products designed for different types of skin, oily vs dry skin.

What Should I Do?

Whether you are male or female you should always be sure to take carer of your skin. You should be moisturizing daily with a product that is suited for your skin type.

If you have problems determining what skin care products might work for you, you can check out one of the most talked about products in the market right now by clicking here. Be sure you are using products that optimize your skins functions helping you produce more natural moisture that’s deeper than the surface.

How Does These Moisturizers Apply For Men?

Lots of face men washes, cares for a man who has shaved. Men have thicker skin and more hair follicles like stated before so that makes it easy to run into problems with razor burn and bumps etc. Always have a skin care product that can promote good shaving as well if you shave your face.

Men need more protection with our skin, men typically tend to be outside more than a woman’s skin. One of the reasons you will always need a solid moisturizer and or product the sun truly can take a toll on your face. Us men go through a lot….. I definitely can’t say we go through more than a woman does but face wise may be the thing we top them at. Men produce more oil so we are more likely to suffer from adult acne.

Men need stronger ingredients for deep cleansing to prevent excessive acne. Always clean your face guys! If your always constantly cleaning and moisturizing your face with things that are actually effective like this product here.

You will see a significant reduce in breakouts and it will leave your skin shining and screaming for more.Keep a routine people it’s not just for now it’s for your future as well! Like I explained why it matters for the future here.

Its Crazy How Factors You Can’t Control, Play A Role

Rhyming accidentally! Lol! Regardless of your age men always have higher collagen density than women. Collagen is directly related to the signs of skin aging, women’s skin is about 10 years older than a man’s who is of the same age.

UV damages from the sun can truly add years to a man’s skin and slow down the benefit of slowed aging. So be sure to wash daily and always take care of your skin it’s a part of your body make sure it is well taken care of always.

I’ll Do Better!

Always strive to better. Continue to take care of your face it’s one of the most important parts of your body. Us as males need to take care of our face more because of the added oil production and being more prone to adult acne is very important for men.

To have an excellent skin care regime if you always want to be on top of the game now and even in the future. Thanks so much for your time please leave a comment or response so we can get talking ill get back to you asap! Thanks so much!!!

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