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Dry Skin Patches On Face – Nomore Dry Skin!!!

Dude I’m Tired Of This………

This is a very common topic. Lots of people come to me daily and ask how can I get rid of dry skin patches? They say everything else is taken care of from being on your website and checking it out. Why is my face clear but has dry patches of skin? What’s causing my face to get so dry even at times when I moisturize?

Again, like I say time and time again, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve literally been through everything regarding facial care and not saying I am a guru but if you’ve been through it and have found solutions it’s nothing to share my top secrets with my clients. Dry Skin Patches On Face…. Let’s dive in so this won’t happen so often!

Why Is My Face Drying Out?

Your face could be drying out for multiple reasons. Your face when dry can get very itchy or feel flaky, both of which I am sure you would love to avoid. The reason your face could be breaking out is environmental factors as well.

Maybe you took a vacation and noticed out there your face was drier than usual or maybe you realized when you came back. Your environment is big, if the temperature is different from what your face is used to or even the humidity your face could react in pimples and in this case a dry flaky face.

Also, be careful if your skin dry’s out a lot on a normal basis it could be a skin condition you don’t know about, that’s a rare case but still is very possible so it’s better to be aware. Wash your face and know what you’re washing your face with. Some facial medications contain harsh ingredients like retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids, which can dry your skin out. If you feel as though your face is sensitive and gets dry quick try some soaps or facial cleansers without fragrances.

Also don’t wash your face multiple times a day I’ve made the mistake before and it would usually dry it out. If you would like to skip all the technicalities and just have a facial kit to FULLY take care of your face in dryness, acne, pimples, or whatever else face related click here to check this out it’s a lifesaver.

Negative Impact Of A Dry Face

Besides the fact that it doesn’t look good and is usually pretty noticeable, a really dry face can make life harder as a whole. Dry skin can also get so bad that it can crack your skin, the cause of this can actually cause bacteria to get into your body making you prone to getting an infection!! Sucks Right!!

Click Here If you need your face fully taken care of! This is usually a very simple thing to treat 9 times out of 10. Dryness of the skin only happens when it doesn’t have enough oil or water, but if your here at Mens Facial Help you no longer have to worry. We have everything here to take care of your facial help needs so don’t get discouraged if your here know that I’ve been through it all and have most of the best solutions in the skin care industry.

Stay away from creamy washes as well, things like foaming acne washes they have a type of detergent that strips your skin of it’s natural oils and can lead to dryness. That’s why here we have the best products and help to make sure your face is always at the top of it’s game!


Sad part is sometimes it can actually be something that’s harder for certain people. Like I said before if you have tried everything on this site. Contacted me about your face and what’s going on and your face has made no recognizable differences. It could be a skin condition, that may be deeper than the surface.

May be something you could need medication for or it may not make a difference about changing your skin care routine or a better environment at times when genetics are involved. Even if it’s is genetics it is still treatable don’t ever think it’s not.

We just may have to get your doctor involved if the problem persisted, and you would need a gentle sensitive skin product that gives you the benefits of having a clear face and won’t strip your face of it’s nutrients. You can find something solid like that here!! So I have an idea now…. what else do you suggest? Or how to go about this?

How to Get Rid Of Dry Skin Patches!

I’ve explained a few ways you can prevent it due to your regime now and environment factors but what products can I apply? How can I make sure my face doesn’t acquire anymore dry patches? Well one of my number one answers that’s been my go to product for something like dry skin is Vaseline. Vaseline is strong and thick, so first you want to have washed your face with a solid facial cleanser that is suited for you. You can check some out here as well!

Don’t overdo it because it can make your face to oily. After applying your daily face wash that should be second nature, apply a small maybe dime sized amount to the area of dry skin. Vaseline works great because it properly locks the moisture in and protects skin from drying out. Its sorta like chap stick for your face, over time with continued use and a solid facial regemine you will definitely see a difference in weeks to come.

If your face is just a little dry sometimes Vaseline will definetly do the trick. For more serious problems with dry skin patches Vaseline could still actually be the problem solver everyone’s different I’ve seen it work time and time again. If nothing works comment below and we can come up with a plan. I won’t let you continue to struggle because I know how it feels and wish someone was there for me! So I’ll take care of you no doubt!

You’ll Be Fine

In the end use Vaseline b sure to evaluate if environmental factors were the problem. Pay attention to the products you are using, if you have been in the pool a lot the chlorine can cause your face to dry up due to it’s chemicals.

Just evaluate what your doing, and how, what you’re using….. Just all the dry skin factors and we can come up with a plan, if you can’t seem to get your dry skin patches squared away. I’m here for you! Please comment below of some ways to get rid of dry skin or any insightful thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone! KEEP DOMINATING YOUR FACE!!

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