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Best Acne Skin Care Product – Take Your Face To A New Level

This Goes Hard

Today I’ll be talking about the Best Acne Skin Care Product in the world in my opinion. Its time to take your face to a whole new level.

I sometimes don’t even like to talk about this extreme level of facial care because it’s so strong and has literally been my secret for years.

I protect it like the krabby patty formula LOL! No but on a serious note like I said before if your serious about your face and struggle with acne look no further you’ve found your solution!

Why Its Best

Its best because….. it’s BEST! LOL! This Stuff works I have recently talked about it in a recent post here on but I felt this needed it’s own specific post because I’ve been using it for years and it still seems to surprise me daily. Why it’s best? Well lots of ingredients and strong ”Acne killing” ingredients live in this wonderful bottle of Benzoyl Peroxide.

OOPS just gave my secret away! Anything with the Benzoyl inside of it will work guaranteed that point of Benzoyl is to get in that face and dry those bumps out so there is no room for growth or even future acne… (If you stay consistent.)

Now this works don’t get me wrong but this product solely by itself just won’t do the full trick for those with severe acne. Let me explain….

Best One Two Punch

This fast acting acne killer has to be paired with a cream called Tretinoin Cream. These two together are literally unstoppable, indescribable, and just down right get the job done.

I’ve tried it before please do not only use the wash without the cream and expect it to truly clear your face up. You Need TO USE BOTH APPLICATIONS for the recommended supply. Well me? My acne was so bad I would have to wash and use cream directly after around two times a day. Even though the recommended dosage is one appliance a day.

So for more severe acne twice a day would be fine and will have you leading with more confidence in no time!

But, Does It Work?

Or am I just waisting my time telling you something that for no reason?

I promise if you give this a shot, and have tried countless times over and over trying to find the right product. Reading numerous reviews from Amazon to Google trying to find that right product again listen to what I am saying! I’ve even tested this with 6 other people over the years. ( 3 to test and 3 I referred) Out of those 6 I am 6 for 6! As in people who have saw not a little.. but a huge dramatic increase in their facial aspect.

Face is more smooth, you can literally feel like pores are unclogged, and acne is literally running away after about a week of use of both treatments. These together are like Batman and Robin an unbeatable duo!

The good thing that it does unlike other treatments is it will moisturize your face but will also dry it out in a completely healthy way.

Importance Of Keeping Your Face Sorta Dry…

Unlike other facial medications out there that don’t work, waste your time, and money this is completely opposite. After the first day you will feel your face feels slightly weird but that’s exactly what’s it’s supposed to do. The reason why it is unique, unlike other moisturizers that claim to remove acne, dark scars, etc.

Usually the only thing it will do is barely make any differences on your face and moisturize your face very well. That’s good don’t get me wrong, but for those with extreme acne that just isn’t enough. When dealing with severe acne you need something to slightly dry your face out.

Its simple, if you wanted to get rid of fast growing plants would you continue to water them? Or would you let them dry up by not watering them so they don’t continue to flourish? Not saying we want your face to be high and dry but it’s the same concept! Some cleaners and moisturizers do exactly that!

Claim to take your acne away but only add fuel to the fire or water to the plants theoretically, get me? LOL. If your face isn’t getting sorta dried out you will never get the face you want to be very honest.

Your future with Benzoyl will Change your life! Along with Tretoin Cream!

Your Success With Benzoyl

I care about you and your facial needs, I had to figure this out myself.

I didn’t have any help with my acne I struggled for years and years trying to crack the code as they would say. Successfully I did so it’s your choice to believe me and think this doesn’t work or not. You can lead a horse to water but cant make him drink!

The only downside about this product is you would have to make a doctor’s visit and request this product but with consistency and continued use your face will thank you always and forever. Like I said before this product is suppeerrrrrrr strong and can make your face feel weird.

Keep any good face lotion after you’ve put your cream on. So you can have that right balance of just enough dryness to get those bumps gone in the days to come, just the right amount of moisture to make your face presentable, and ready to tackle the day. Don’t just take my word for it!!!

Does your face look like a crunch bar??? Make a doctor’s appointment today and tell them you need Benzoyl Peroxide and watch the girls or boys (whatever you prefer) Flock!!

Stay consistent with washes at night and when you wake for severe acne. Good luck to you all! I’m glad to help you on your facial cleansing journey!

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