About Me

My name is Jamaar Sampson and I started Mens Facial Help to help clients who struggle with getting rid of acne or anything that is skin care related I can help them achieve.

What kind of super powers do I have?

None! What happened was I had SEVERE acne for years, I mean BAD!

So bad to the point where people in school would call me names and constantly talk about my face.

I never really got very angry as I felt like everything they were saying was true my face was so broken out with bumps literally everywhere.

I have been studying for years and years looking for a product that would change my life and give me more confidence.

So then I could talk to that girl or go out and not feel self conscious.

After years and years of struggling and being made fun of.

All the pain I went through throughout those years made me the Mens Facial Help creator today.

I used what haunted me for years and turned it around to something positive because when my acne was horrible I thought many times….

“I wouldn’t wish this on anybody and I hope other people aren’t going through this as bad as me!”

Back in high school I was a full time basketball player and was very busy with my studies and hoops.

I loved playing basketball as that is my first love but I feel like it was apart of my downfall as all the sweat can cause more acne!

Which is what I was struggling with!

The final point of this story is you can only imagine how it felt trying to talk to a girl at another school or people seeing me at other schools calling me “Acne Boy.”

Nowadays I can laugh at it but before I didn’t see any humor.

The point is I know what your going through and I want you to know I am here for you and will do my best to be your facial expert!

Lately, I am interested in website building.

Thanks to the help of Wealthy Affiliate, I am able to create this website for you.

Their business is to teach people website building and helping them to create successful online businesses.

They are more like a community than a company, the members are really helpful and friendly towards one another.

Sign-up is free, so you can visit them and try it out yourself if you are interested in making money.


Please contact me if you need me.

Sincerely, Jamaar