Foods And Good Skin, How Are They Related?

How Are They Related?

Yes it is indeed true! If you didn’t know! The foods that you eat truly do affect your face and skin.  Have you ever ate like crazy one day then woke up to see new pimples on your face when you awake?

Foods can either make your face shine or take your face down a road that is sometimes hard to bounce back from. So today well be talking about what foods and certain ingredients will ”make or break’ your face/skin.

Yeah! I know! Sounds crazy but there are actually foods that contribute to good skin!  See how you can change your face with a diet change!

 What Foods Clear Face/Skin?                                                                                                                                                              

There are numerous foods that if you eat you will see a dramatic change in your acne. Food plays a huge role in determining how clear your face is. Ya know the term ”You are what you eat?” Kinda deal.
See what we put inside our bodies in a way reflects on the outside how well you’re taking care of yourself. If you’re taking care of yourself from the inside it will naturally carry to the outside of your body. Foods like………
  • Fish
  • Green Tea
  • Oysters
  • Dark Leafy Greens
  • Any Fruits And Veggies

Its simple most people know the ”Healthy” or ”Good things” to eat it’s common sense from right or wrong. What we put in our body’s is what we will get out. If you struggle with acne nobodies saying you have to change your whole diet and be a diet freak.

Incorporating these into your diet a little more will improve your face no if and or butts about it. Why these specific foods? There are studies showing these foods can be very effective in reducing breakouts. So you ask how exactly can eating take my acne away?

How Can Eating Take My Acne Away

Well all the foods listed have a certain “Acne fighting” ingredient to help reduce pimples. Like in fish eating more omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in fatty fish, walnuts, flax seed, and the like, can help tame inflammation and improve acne breakouts. Green Tea has antioxidants to help blast acne away.

Oysters have a ingredient called Zinc several studies have shown Zinc can help reduce acne breakouts. Anything with Zinc eat it. LOL! Like roast beef, roasted pumpkin squash seeds, and dried watermelon seeds. For fruits and veggies many contain beta-carotenes, which naturally help reduce skin oils, and all are naturally anti-inflammatory!

So with these in place the healthier you eat so to call it the more your face will thank you. There are numerous studies online backing these foods up, so if you don’t believe do you research! The ingredients inside of these foods after some weeks of eating better no doubt you will see a difference.

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Eat More, See Results

Simple like I said before you are what you eat. With anything in life my mother always told me you need to have a balance. So if you’re reading this with an extreme amount of acne don’t go and eat only the things on this list trying to clear your skin because, too much of anything isn’t good. Except money right ;).

Not only just for balance but there is a number that is too much when eating these foods. Not a number you will need to know or anything but your scale should be….. if you know you’ve eaten a lot of it then your good. Not saying if you eat a lot your face will get horrible but we should have a balance with anything in life to exceed our skin care needs.

Now we have what we need you to incorporate into your skin care routine but what foods am I eating that are destroying my face?!!! 🙁

What Foods Are Killing Your Face?!!                                          

Same as I’ve said before what we put inside our body is simply what we will get out of it.

So you ask Jamaar what foods are killing my face? Well in reality any food that isn’t the most healthy for you has ingredients to increase your facial acne….  

  • Cows Milk
  • Sugar
  • Junk Food
  • Fast Food
  • High Glycemic Foods
These foods can kill your face!! Cow’s milk spikes blood sugar, which can increase inflammation (leading to pimples).

Sugar as most people know not saying if you eat a Kit Kat bar your going to get a pimple, but it depends on how much sugar intake you’ve taken a day and how fast.

That will blast pimples onto your face with flying colors so try to cut down on how fast your sugar intake is! Same with fast food and junk food these foods creates inflammation in the body and inflammation leads to pimples.

For High Glycemic Foods these are foods that break down quickly in the body, triggering an insulin spike and raising blood sugar levels. They trigger hormonal fluctuations and inflammation both of which encourage acne.

So foods like white bread, processed breakfast cereals, white rice, pretzels, potato chips, cookies and cakes, etc. Again it’s not bad to eat them but if your struggle with acne keep in mind BALANCE BALANCE!!

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Its no secret no matter how bad or severe your acne is due to genetics foods whatever.

You can have a super clear face you have to believe that listen to everything I tell you on this site and over time I promise you will be a whole new person. I’ve tried everything and im telling you things that work! Try to eat better it’s not really a thing you have to remember ya know?

Its more of a common sense kinda thing, the things that aren’t good for you will break your face out more and the things that are good for you will reduce your acne!

Just be sure to stay tuned to this site if you truly struggle with Acne because I make it my DUTY to get your face clear and I don’t play about my clients im here for you! Put everything together and I promise things will work out for the better thanks!! Talk Soon!!






  • Brandon

    Well this is an eye-opening post! I did not think food could play a huge roll in clearing your face of acne. My brother is going to be so happy when I show him this article, as he’s been struggling to rid his face of acne for a year now and I want to help him and I’m sure his diet has something to do with it. I’ll be letting him know to eat a lot more fatty fish too. Cheers for all your help

  • Jennifer

    As a woman I deal with zits popping up when I’m approaching my period and of course that’s when I’m consuming more things like breads, chocolates, and anything salty. So, pretty much all the bad stuff you listed above. lol
    This summer the melons in my area of the country have been amazing and I noticed the more I ate, the more my skin not only cleared up but it glowed. I assumed it was from the high water content of those delicious little melons:) I did a little reading myself and I was amazed by all the goodness in melon besides the water. I wish it tasted like this all year round!
    Thanks for your great post and listing some other goodies that are awesome for my face!

  • Tina Cyphers

    Wow! I had no idea that foods rich in Omega-3 help with acne. I have a nephew that has a really hard time with this, so we will be adding some more fish and green leafy veggies to his diet straight away! Thanks for the info.

  • PrecillaPascual

    I like your topic. It is very informative and relevant especially, nowadays I’ve noticed a lot of young people are experiencing a lot of skin problems. I have had them in the past. I have tried a lot of things and products in the market, cheap and expensive ones, they seem to be not working. I did my research on how get rid of skin problems, especially acne. I don’t think that eating just the right food will help eliminate acne. It has to be balanced with proper sleep and using a natural alternative treatment with natural ingredients. Good info!

  • Owain

    I knew that fatty foods can bring out pimples, but I was very surprised to see that cows milk also can affect this. Thanks for a very informative article.

  • Salvador Rios

    I had no idea foods that cause inflammation also cause acne, and had no clue that zinc helps fight acne. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, so pimples is not an issue, but I do have problems with black heads.

  • Bob

    Hi! This is a great article on the relationship between acne and foods. What’s most interesting is that foods that cause acne are foods that cause a lot of other health problems. Eating a lot of sugar, junk food and fast food, just to name a few, are definite contributors to many other illnesses. High glycemic foods too elevate blood sugar, which is not good for you. Excellent article.

  • Davona

    Wow! I had no idea that foods played such a big part in your skin. I am an avid water drinker and knew that carbonated drinks have an effect on skin but not foods. My skin and hair are in really good condition and I have never experienced acne but I need your tips to get the rest of my body in great condition . I will be checking back to get your great tips. I really appreciate the level of detail you provided in this article. Thank you for posting!

  • Nicole

    thanks for your post. The last time this was discussed was in high school years ago when they only thing I was aware affected my face was greasy food and soda. But I didn’t know why. So it’s awesome that you’re putting it out the reason and way foods affect the skin. Appreciate this article.

  • Emma

    Great Post! I agree with you, food has a huge part of how we look and feel, the better good quality food you eat the better you feel. It’s that simple!
    Thanks for sharing

  • Kayla

    I knew some foods could contribute to acne, but I had no idea there were foods that would help prevent it! I’ll have to share this article with my son. Thanks for the great info!

  • Crystal Lim

    Ugh, definitely avoid cow’s milk! That’s the last thing you want if you want a nice and healthy skin. I will never forget how my skin turned better since the day I quit drinking milk!

  • Ahmed Aly

    Thanks for the great article , I didn’t know that’s good got this big affect on skin . I learned something and thanks for the great information

  • Waj

    I noticed the main culprit for me is sugar. I drink milk and have dairy items on a daily basis and my body doesn’t react to it. But if I have sugar, the unnatural kind, my skin doesn’t do so well.
    Good job!

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