Essential Oils Skin Care – Get All Your Skin Moisturized, No More Dry Skin!

Essential Oils…

Oil…. It’s very tricky to know how to apply and what it can do for you. Oils are very important in everyday use and should be used by everyone in my opinion. From how much they benefit you with the ingredients, to what it can do for your skin the results are amazing! Oils can benefit you in a number of ways. Let’s take a look into why essential oils and other natural oils should be incorporated into your routine. How can essential oils for skin care benefit you?

How Can Oils Benefit Me?

These oils have been used for many years. They are known to work wonders for skin and hair care. Essential oils are a great substitution for ridiculous moisturizing products. Oils can do the job of moisturizing without causing allergic reactions like lots of people are prone to. Also, oils don’t have lots of chemicals in them that trigger those reactions and are very easy on the pockets. So they can definitely benefit you big time. I also have almost never seen someone who has dry patches or a dry face NOT be fixed or handled with essential oils.

You actually have to be careful in not putting too much on your face because too much will make your face very oily. So a small ample amount should do the trick for your face and bodily skin as well. They will benefit you a lot but be careful as to how much you are in the sun after applying. If your using them on your face you will need to be careful, because these oils are an intensified effect of using radiation on facial skin.

When you are at home at night per se you can apply an OK amount to your face because it is not being exposed to the sun, so just be smart and your skin will def thank you. Why won’t this help get rid of my acne?? Let’s take a look and see why these aren’t effective in getting rid of acne.

Why Won’t These Benefit Me For My Acne?

These oils that will later be explained aren’t effective for getting rid of acne and at times may even make any acne you have worse. Oils can clog your pores making acne stay and that’s definitely not what we want. If you skin is always very moisturized and you have a problem dealing with acne, you can take a look by clicking here into one of the best pimple blasting programs that work!

Oil is an amazing moisturizer though! The skin already produces oil called sebrum as a natural moisturizer. By using these oils they will help reduce the skin’s own production of oil, just be careful of what oils can break your face out. Most people will be fine but if your face is sensitive and acne prone I recommend just checking out this post here so you are definitely taken care of.

What Oils Work In Fully Moisturizing The Skin?

There are lots of essential oils that will do the job in keeping your skin healthy and vibrant. Coconut oil has lots of health benefits with vitamin E and K backing it up with anti fungal and antibacterial properties as well to bring the best out of your skin. Olive oil is key as well. It contains vitamins A, D, and E. It’s a great choice for a full body application with it’s heavy consistency to make your skin thrive. Shea butter also being one of my favorites is used as a moisturizer and can be used as a hair product to make your hair grow by moisturizing your roots deeply.

Lastly almond oil, with lots of health benefits inside of it like vitamin E, proteins, zinc, and potassium. These are very effective in moisturizing skin but it’s important not to use on face especially if you have very sensitive skin. If your tired of your skin being dry then look no further these oils will take care of you for sure!

Be sure to take advantage of oils as we age our natural production of oils decreases a lot. The skin will always need oil to maintain a healthy balance or it will get to dry and can cause breakouts fine lines and wrinkles. So be sure to test what oil works for you. Some facial oils can be used on face, it’s not wrong to use them on your face. I recommend not using them if your face is very easily prone to acne.

In The Future

I say it’s a good idea to use essential oils to take care of your skin. They will definitely stay moisturized with continued use and it’s clear oils have lots of health benefits.

This is a good thing to keep in mind especially for when we get older because your body can actually not produce as much oil as it once did leading to negative responses from your skin. Thanks everyone for your time! God Bless!


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