Does ToothPaste Help Acne – Clear Your Face Guaranteed In A Couple Nights

You Have To Be Lying!!??

NO actually its very true! Toothpaste can clear up your face substantially. I’ve had experience with this time and time again. Due to the ingredients in toothpaste…… (a certain kind) they can decrease pimple and acne size to huge amounts! I’ve always used this when going through my phases of horrible acne.

When I didn’t have a plan and lots of reasons of why and how I was getting acne I would always go back to tooth paste as like my savior! Face fully broke out?? Well maybe you should try some toothpaste to burn those pimples small! LOL!

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Why Does It Work?

Toothpaste has certain ingredients inside of it that work like one of the best products I’ve ever used in benzoyl peroxide. Toothpaste works! (You can also click here to have one of the best products known to man) I wouldn’t just be typing all this and wasting my breath. Remember I’m always here to give you guys the best in skin care help and toothpaste has always been a groundbreaking product.

Everytime I’ve use toothpaste I have never not once at least saw a slight difference. You wanna go for the white colored toothpaste mint is preferred.

The things inside the white toothpaste are the ingredients to help dry out pimples. Triclosan, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Only the white toothpaste no gels or teeth whiteners the basic general mint toothpaste and your face will thank you.

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You now have an idea of why and how toothpaste would work because of the acne killing ingredients inside of it. Be careful as well to get a toothpaste with a lower fluoride content. People can actually suffer from an allergy to fluoride which can cause a skin rash if in contact with skin. Fluoride free is even better. This is very rare in extreme cases but is still very much possible. SO you say enough of the B. S! How can I apply toothpaste into steps of getting a clear face?

Please use everything on this site, toothpaste I cannot promise will clear your whole face. It will clear it though in very short periods of time anywhere from in 30 mins to 1 day its really that powerful. I say use everything on this site because toothpaste is a add on. It’s not a thing you should be waking up to use every day. Even though I’ve used it every day before and it can really dry out your skin too much because its not an acne product. So don’t over use this is more of a life hack then an everyday thing. So you say how do I successfully do this?

Apply Apply!

First what you want to do is wash your face as you normally would! You can check out these facial cleansers to blast acne off your face like a skyrocket into the sky.. You don’t want to apply the minty toothpaste to a dirty face. You want it to be free of exfoliates on a clean dry face. If you have dirt of oil on your face it could limit the power of this treatment. You want to squeeze some out and dab it on one bump depending on the size of pimples you’re working with.

Apply directly to pimple now the choice of how long is your choice. I’ve left it on for 20 mins washed it off and saw a dramatic difference. I’ve put it on and left it on throughout the night and woke up with almost all pimples very small! So the length is what you think is right for your situation depending on how much acne how sensitive your skin is, etc.

For some it may be best to only do 15 mins for people with sensitive skin, or leave it on a little longer just to see what your skin’s reaction may be. More times than not nobody’s had problems with toothpaste unless your just overdoing it so just use common sense people and this can be one of your favorite products!

Why Does It Feel Like This?

Depending on how many pimples you have and how big etc. It may slightly burn. Yes because of the ingredients in toothpaste like baking soda and peroxide which lots of the strongest acne products have when you feel it burning that just means its working. That’s what I love about using toothpaste as well when using it its like you can feel your pimples getting smaller and I love how quick of a fix it is.

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If you woke up before a big interview and have a big pimple in an uncomfortable spot try to put some toothpaste on it an hour before and see how that works.

I promise the pimple won’t be nearly as big, it just simply works time and time again. Just be careful when sleeping with it as well its toothpaste so it may take time to dry on your face. You don’t want to go with fully fresh toothpaste all over your face and lay down and your pillow is filled with white spots the next morning not fun!

I’ve done it before so if you want to do it be sure to remove headgear durags, bonnets, scarfs, etc. Just for about 20 mins to it can fully dry then you should be fine. Then when you wake up just gently wash it off your face.

DO this no more than 4 times a week combined with all the other gems in Mens Facial Help this is just a solid add on to the base of your medication. This toothpaste applying to pimples is pretty much guaranteed I’m telling ya! Try it out for your self and watch how elated you are when you find out a thing you use every day can bring out the best of your face!

In The End..

The key is to use paste no gels! You may see results right after you may see results in a few days I can’t promise anything everyone’s body is different. It simply does work no if ands or butts about it.

This for a while has been one of my groundbreaking secrets and is my ”quick fix.” If I get some surprising acne on a big day or just want a super fast way to clear a few pimples.

Also, you can check out here other alternatives that work like toothpaste and will get your face clear as day click here!Please, Let me know how this has worked for you below or give insight about your experience with toothpaste for pimples. Any questions ask below I will be sure to get back to everyone love you all! Use responsibly!


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