Daily Skin Care At Home – What Your Regime Should Consist of!!

What’s A Solid Plan?            

Lots of people to my surprise are usually very blind to what they should be looking out for and doing when taking care of their face. Lots of people don’t get that just like your mouth and but it needs to be cleaned every single day!! LOL!

Your face is a part of your body, just because it doesn’t begin to smell or anything without washing doesn’t mean you should have poor hygiene. Also, most people who don’t wash their faces all their life will eventually have their face broken out and won’t be able to bounce back from acne as easy as someone who washes their face daily. So without further ado lets take a look at your daily skin care at home and how we can sharpen your routine up!!

Get In Gear!!         

First if you’re reading this I just want to congratulate you on how far you have come with your facial cleansing needs! 

I know if you are a regular member on my site you’ve learned lots of tips and tricks that actually work! Let me say this…… If you don’t have a solid face care regimen that you try your best to go by daily, you need to reevaluate what you’re doing.

Again like I said face care is very important and if you aren’t washing your face daily and taking care of it like you do your body, expect acne or possible infections at least a few times. Even if you aren’t prone to acne at all!

By not washing your face you have a higher chance of your face reacting more negative than positive. Why go that route when you can just take care of your self and never have to worry. So lets get you a few ideas of the kind of things that should be in your regime.

Get A Solid Cleanser Or Kit

Like I’ve said time and time again you need a plan. A solid acne wash is the base of your plan the foundation, it’s your house as you will! You can check out one of the top selling kits in the facial care market right now by clicking here! That will definitely take care of your face hands down if you struggle with acne, blackheads, dry patches! Whatever may be the case you could start there or look through the main products I’ve also recommended by clicking here.

Both are very effective I’m here to help you but if you have a solid face care product already then you could continue to use whatever you think works and is very effective! If you are struggling I am always here to help. So just leave a comment below and I will definitely take care of you and lead you in the right direction. I have my wash, now how can I incorporate it into my daily life to be effective?

U Need To Wash More Often              

This is a huge one. Sometimes it’s even better to experiment. There has been times when the product will tell me use once a day but I know that it wouldn’t work because my acne was so severe. So with a strong product I’d up it to twice a day and actually see a difference. So the choice is yours if your acne isn’t very severe, just see how your face reacts to once a day. Then maybe try twice a day, but never more than twice a day.

If your wash isn’t getting the job done after a few weeks with washing twice a day and your acne hasn’t cleared up it’s time to get a better or stronger formula like you can check out by clicking here. Always be sure to wash twice a day for severe acne. Just like you brush your teeth, once a day never worked for me and still doesn’t to this day, it’s always best to wash twice a day. Just make sure as well with your daily skin care at home that you also have a good moisturizer so that your face won’t dry out with stronger products!

Usually You Can Know Its Effective If It Has A Two Step!

Two step? What do you mean by that? Well usually the products that really will blast those pimples away and erase those blackheads are the products that have an 2-3 step system. For almost all the products that I have gone through I don’t’ remember just using one product and my skin clearing up. Most products that work like this one you can check out by clicking here… Always have a helping hand or ”buddy’ that works alongside with the main product you’re using.

For example, your wash and the second product being that same product from the same company but a cream or some kind of application you apply after the wash. Not saying a one step product won’t work for everyone. I even have some very strong one step products that work wonders, but I have a plan combined with other washes that brings out the best of my face. Even while using that one step product. I recommend for severe acne a one step wash just won’t be enough you’ll definitely need a helping hand! Click Here If You Need That Guidance!

What Should I Do?

Its not very hard or unclear of how you should go about this. Get a solid plan a base (your wash). Get a partner to back that wash up usually of the same product, and wash your face when you wake and when you go to sleep. I know this works better because even for myself if I don’t wash my face at night at times I may have an unexpected pimple.

That’s not even factoring in if I ate a bunch of sweets that following night and didn’t wash. So it’s very important to have a solid skin care regime at home to wash twice a day I promise your face will thank you for it! Thanks so much please leave a response down below or if you have any questions I will always respond rather quickly. Thanks so much god bless!

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