Best Skin Care Products For Acne – Your Steps To A Clear Face


Why I Care                                                                                                                                       

No matter what place of business you are in, what occupation, or any place out in public you are at, the world today kindaexpects everyone to have a clear face.

Sadly some people can’t help it due to genetics, lack of face washing, the foods they eat, etc. Now today if you have a high number of pimples/bumps people will look at you funny and ask “What happened to your face?”

Sometimes just outright make fun of you! Trust me I’ve been there for every circumstance and it isn’t fun!

Going through these times have made me a Facial Cleanser fanatic and I now know how critically important it is to have a clear face.

I am now going to walk you through the steps you can take to maintain and keep a beautiful flawless face and the best skin care products for acne to bring out the flawlessness of your face!

Importance Of A Clear Face

It’s a huge responsibility to have a clear face, to be honest.  Some people are lucky and don’t have to buy any facial cleaners or wash there face for years and will have no signs of pimples.

Others like myself would need to wash almost three times a day just to have a decent face LOL! Pretty Sad Right?

It’s important for your face to look good at all times because it sucks waking up for a big game knowing lots of people will be there. Getting a weird bump on your eyelid or even on top of your nose! When I tell you guys I’ve had some weird bumps in odd places I may be the king of that!

Then naturally if it falls on a big day you may be picking and fidgeting with it trying to get it off your face to the point to where your eyes water its very painful and no fun! Don’t take the importance of face care as a joke because as you know… (that’s why your here.)

Acne/pimples can sneak up on you and really take a sway at your confidence with knowing why its important to maintain and or get to a very clear face lets proceed!

Improving Your Daily Facial Cleansing

Even for people with clear faces its important to always clean your face daily with some type of high quality facial cleaner!

I’ve seen it time and time again my friends will have a clear face all there life and now since they’ve gotten older.

They’ll go through a phase where there face looks horrible flooded with acne.

Since they don’t ever wash there face there not familiar with how to clear it up, cleanse it, and sadly try to just wait till nature takes its course.

Sadly most of the time that’s not enough! It’s very important to keep a clear and clean face.

You want to clean your face daily its simple hygiene, just like you would brush your

teeth or take a shower.  You want to continue to be ahead of any bumps coming your way because if there ahead of you that’s

when your in trouble, and they can take over quickly!

Due to sugar intake, sunlight exposure, you can never truly predict

when they will come.

It’s very important to use the best products DAILY, Or your face may pay the price, and why go down

that road when we can prevent it right?

Products/Steps To Improve Your Face Click Here!

We’ve covered some facets and ways to keep your face smooth as a baby’s bottom but this is the juice of this article!                                                                                  

Some people come to me saying ”Jamaar how can I get my face super clear quickly?”

I’ve gotten asked this many of times because everyone knew me as that ”acne faced boy.”

They wonder how I’ve switched so quickly it truly took lots of searching crying

blood sweat and tears! (Slight exaggeration lol).

But I’ve finally found a couple of solutions that work every time with years of

research so if you can never seem to get your face clear….. YOU ARE HERE! THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

Let’s go over a few life changing products. First before getting into names of the products I’ve realized anything with a high count of

Benzoyl Peroxide will truly improve your face no matter what the conditions.

Benzoyl Peroxide does what it needs to do with acne it gets in those bumps and dries them up.
Without anything to make them grow your bumps will slowly fade away no matter who you are, depending on how long you’ve used something with this ingredient!
Without further ado lets get you your products so you can be well on your way!
  • Benzoyl Peroxide Topical Wash
  • Tretinoin Cream
  • Garnier Skin Active Pore Purifying 2-in1 Clay Cleanser/Mask
  • St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

These are hands down the best products with Benzoyl Peroxide Topical Wash being the hands down best one.

This is accompanied with Tretinoin Cream this is a one two system but I had the worse most severe acne on the planet trust me when I say this!

This will work for anybody no matter how bad your face is I promise!

Setting Your Face Up For Success

So here’s the deal the number one acne cleanser in this discussion you need to go to the doctors to get.                                                                                        

Here’s how you set yourself up for success.

If your acne is very bad you should go to the doctors and tell them you need this or something to clear up your acne.

I say this because all the years and struggles I went through I never thought of something so simple.

Instead of trying everything online and worthless facial cleaners that don’t take away acne, use the ones out of this list or just simply take a doctors visit.

It may seem obvious but that isn’t something I thought about and when I did I never had any real acne problems again.

Your Future And Face

Your future is your choice! Try these cleansers!  Try This one!!!!                                                                                                                                                                  

If your acne is really bad try them all you’ll eventually find the one that benefits you the most but every ones different see what your face likes and doesn’t like! They all are in close range for me now as I see almost all of them as necessities.  These simply work!

Better than anything else especially for people with severe acne.

If you keep a daily regime of continuing to wash your face and keeping it clean daily with these being just about the the strongest on the market, your face will be clear with continued use! Guaranteed!

I am proof of that Keep it up guys, if you read all this enjoy your new face in the weeks ahead thanks!






  • Lanetta Darden

    This was some good information. I appreciated that you added humor to it, focusing on your own personal experience and not on others still suffering with it. I, also, liked that you had more than one option, understanding that not everyone’s skin will react in the same way.

    As good as your article is, it could be so much better, in my opinion.

    For instance, the layout of your paragraphs are all over the place and you are missing quite a few punctuation marks. I believe once you go back edit your article, it will be so much better and your reader will leave your site, knowing exactly what he needs to do and come to read other pieces that you have written.

    I wish you much success and many blessings.

    • admin

      Hey yeah i know that actually have 15 revisions on this website its been throwing it out of wack! I just fixed it all up the best that’ll get so i think its presentable enough now. Thank you so much for your insight i feel like people will love this thank you!

    • admin

      Well u do want your face a little dry so that pimples will fade away Vaseline is a great moisturizer for really dry faces though.

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